Monatsarchive: September 2015

1962 Oldsmobile 88 Sofort Verfügbar für 5.000, – $ (CA. 4.434, – €)

    Oldsmobile 88 Spezifikationen: This is a 1962 Oldsmobile 88 powered by a newly restored/overhualed 8-cylinder gasoline engine with automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive. This car is beautiful with all matching numbers. No rust. No corner’s cut during restoration. It was converted to 12-volt system and unleaded fuel. The engine has zero miles on it since the restoration that cost $ 5.000,00 in itself and took 2 years to track all the right parts. There’s also lots of new as well as add-on parts like: Radiator valve covers Optima battery…

1975 Ford Grand Torino Elite Sofort Verfügbar für 6.000, – $ (CA. 5.321, – €)

  Ford Elite Spezifikationen: This is a one-owner 1975 Ford Grand Torino Elite with only 91, 000 miles. This car is in very condition with a straight, solid and rust-free body. It is mechanically in very good condition as well, powered by a gasoline engine with automatic transmission. Comes in white with white landau top over blue leather interior. Clean title. Weitere Informationen aus Wikipedia: Der Ford Elite (anfangs Gran Torino Elite) war ein vom US-amerikanischen Automobilhersteller Ford produziertes Coupé der gehobenen Mittelklasse, das von 1974 bis 1976 angeboten wurde….

1960 Chevrolet Apache 10 Sofort Verfügbar für 8.000, – $ (CA. 7.177, – €)

Chevrolet C-Serie Spezifikationen: This is a 1960 Chevrolet Apache 10 powered by a 235 cu. in. 6-cylinder engine with manual transmission, rear-wheel drive. This vehicle is in good condition and runs and drives good and comes with new tires. This truck comes with a new paint job in white with blue cloth interior. Clean title. Weitere Informationen aus Wikipedia: Die Chevrolet C-Serie oder GMC C-Serie ist eine Reihe von großen Pickups, die General Motors in den Jahren 1960 bis 1998 anbot. Die jeweiligen Allradversionen heißen Chevrolet K-Serie oder GMC K-Serie….