1957 International Harvester Truck Sofort Verfügbar für 14.500, – $ (CA. 11.633, – €)

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International Harvester A-Series


A 1957 International Harvester „50th Anniversary“ truck runs on a V8 engine with automatic transmission in rear-wheel drive.

The chassis and drivetrain are a complete 1990 GMC pickup. This was professionally transplanted and it has the factory GM fuel injection. All the gauges and light work.

Other features include:

  • Has original paint
  • Rust-free
  • Power steering
  • Power disc brakes
  • Tilt wheel
  • Setup for A/C
  • All the chrome
  • Extra sheet metal for bed

There are less than a hundred of this truck on the road, super rare. Runs and rives good. Comes in white over brown leather cabin bench.

Weitere Informationen aus Wikipedia:

The International A-Series (or A-line) replaced the S-Series in April 1957. The name stood for „Anniversary“, as 1957 marked the fiftieth (or Golden) anniversary of truck production by International Harvester. It was largely a rebodied version of the light and medium S-Series truck, incorporating a wide cab and more integrated fenders. A modified version of this truck range was also built in Australia until 1979, where it was marketed both as an International and as a Dodge.


The new lower design necessitated a slight hump in the cabin floor. The stylish new front end, deleted running boards, and panoramic windshield brought the design more up to date for the later half of the fifties on this, the first all-new design to appear since Ted Ornas was put in charge of design in 1953. The hood was now hinged in the rear, rather than being a lift-off unit. The parking lights were mounted above the headlights. As with the R- and S-Series trucks, there was a Travelall station wagon version developed from the new range. There were A-100 to A-180 series models available, with Gross Vehicle Weight ratings ranging from 4,200 to 33,000 lb (1,900 to 15,000 kg). A step-side bed remained standard, but a new flush-sided „Bonus Load“ bed was an option for the first time. There was also a gold and white two-tone Golden Jubilee Custom Pickup package available, featuring some special equipment.




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